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Molos Restaurant, Weehawken, NJ | Baby Shower

One autumn afternoon, I headed over to Molo’s Restaurant in Weehawken, NJ to help capture and celebrate a Rock N Roll themed baby shower! It was such a unique event that I will never forget. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite images with you, but first, I’d love to share more about their planning!

Gayle (the mother-to-be!) saw the event as a nice way to bring her family and friends together. While they're spread out across the country, it was a a great excuse to bring the most important people in her and her husband’s lives together. What better reason do you need than to celebrate a little bundle of joy?!

I absolutely LOVED how the theme of their baby shower was Rock N Roll! When I asked Gayle how she arrived at that concept, she shared, “I wanted to do something unique that wasn't a typical baby shower theme and would be fun for the guests. My husband and I are huge rock music fans and have probably attended upwards of 100 concerts. We love classic rock, 90s rock bands and jam bands and always planned to raise our child to love these genres as well. My side of the family boasts several musicians so I knew they'd enjoy the theme. Coming up with the design for the invitation- 'a VIP concert ticket,’ ideas for decorations, the flower vases made from records, games (including Diaper Pong!), rock n roll inspired candy table and even the playlist for the shower was a lot of fun!” I can tell that a lot of thought and design went into all of the unique elements at the shower and it tied together really nicely!

Gayle said that her and her husband were both expecting a boy! They would refer to the baby as “he.” They were definitely surprised but still so ecstatic to learn that their new bundle of joy was in fact a baby girl! Excited to add a “Daddy’s Girl” to the family as well as getting to showcase lots of super cute baby girl clothing!

I asked if Gayle and her husband played Rock N Roll for their baby girl, and I adore what she shared with me! “Yes! And Corinne listened to rock n roll while she was growing for 9 months. In fact, before she entered the world, she had already been to 10 Dave Matthews Band concerts - we're huge fans and essentially travelled across the country during my pregnancy to attend their summer tour! She also attended a Trombone Shorty/Ben Harper concert, and a Blues Traveler concert during those 9 months. We're excited to take her to her first outdoor concert hopefully starting in 2022 and many concerts from there on, throughout her life! Rock N Roll has even inspired Corinne's book collection, she loves her books The Story of Rock and Apples to Zeppelin.”

Gayle definitely wanted to highlight what an amazing job her mother did creating a onesie banner featuring Rock N Roll and band name inspired onesies. She also made a guitar out of towels, burp cloths and washcloths, which I remember being absolutely stunned by! Her mother-in-law put together a mouth-watering candy and sweets table complete with clever rock-inspired names. Gayle’s friend Marisa also made the most delicious and beautifully decorated cookies themed with Dave Matthews Band and Rock N Roll! Her sister-in-law created a Diaper Pong game fit for a rockstar!

Gayle & Family: You guys are so epic! I love how you aren't afraid to incorporate what is so dear to your hearts and totally make it your own! I hope to see you and baby Corinne at a concert one day, rockin' out!!!



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