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Speedwell Lake Park in Morristown, NJ Furbaby Session | Diesel

dog outside in the fall leaves

The Day: Speedwell Lake Park in Morristown, NJ Furbaby Session

Sweet ol' man Diesel was brought to Speedwell Lake Park in Morristown, NJ for his own doggo photo session with me! I was so happy that Toni reached out and wanted to honor her sweet pup with photos; I couldn't say no! 🥰 I am touched to share some photos of this beautiful soul, but first, I want to share some more about this sweet boy.

Diesel was brought to the park by his paw-rents Toni and her husband Asef, accompanied by their two little boys Vaughn and Tarek. He was 11 at the time of our shoot. He was one of the sweetest little men who absolutely adored his family. He enjoyed spending time with the children playing, watching over them, and was so friendly and sweet tempered. Toni shared that he was the most patient dog ever. He loved to play and was great with other doggos. Diesel was absolutely the perfect family dog; lovable and gentle!

Sweet boy Diesel LOVED to lounge on the couch and was deemed a couch potato! He also wouldn't mind snoozing on the carpeted floor in the living room, on a pile of toys (hopefully plush ones and not legos!), and anywhere he could soak in some sunlight. Asef joked that Diesel was his favorite son!

Toni and Asef brought him into their family on November 26th 2008. He turned 12 on July 31st 2020. He passed away shortly before his 13th birthday. He was the goodest boy. 💛 Here is what Asef said shortly after Diesel crossed the rainbow bridge. "Diesel helped me propose to my wife. Helped me bring in these two beautiful boys to this crazy world. Gave us so much love, and taught us so much. It's been a week now and the house is just too quiet. No snoring no farting....I know he's up there scarfing down cheeseburgers. Thank you to everyone who sent love!"


You are so well loved by many family members, friends, and doggos. You left a paw-print sized hole in the hearts of many. You were such a big and important part in your family's lives and are their absolute favorite. They love you SO much! You will never be forgotten good boy! 🧡



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