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Verona Park, NJ Family Portrait Session | Ana, Scarlet, & Angelique

Their Session: Verona Park, NJ

A rainy morning kept us in suspense of what our mini-session would look like as Ana started the journey over to the park with her two daughters Scarlet and Angelique in the car. But this well dressed trio kept all the drizzle away and gave us such a good excuse to play and frolic in the leaves! I can't wait to share images from our portrait session, but first, let me share more about their family love!

Their Family: When I asked Ana what the best part of being a mother was, she had an insightful response. "The best part has been viewing life through my girls' eyes. As grown ups I think we tend to miss those small moments, little excitements because we have done them so many times. A clear example was just how excited they were to see all the colorful fall leaves and their eagerness to run and jump on them. They would pick a leaf and show it to me telling me all the details they see on each with so much amazement." Children have such a special way of reminding us to be more mindful of everyday details. We should stop and smell the flowers, or in this case, examine the fall leaves!

While it was challenging for her to pick, Ana's favorite thing about her eldest daughter Scarlet is her kindness. Ana said that she is a hard worker. Scarlet is very persistent in becoming better at anything she puts her mind to. Ana's favorite thing about her youngest daughter Angelique is how funny she is. She is such a happy child and Ana says she can never get bored with her! She is also very artistic and creative. She's amazing at coloring! Ana adores seeing Angelique's creations and how proud her daughter feels about herself and her work!

I asked Ana what activity makes her the happiest that the three of them do together. "I love to go on trips together. Whenever we had traveled we have a great time and enjoy every minute of it. When we return I love to hear their favorite memories because there is always something random and unique that they share." I think it's so sweet that Ana wants to hear about her daughters' point of view when they go on adventures together!

Ana: I'm so glad that you took the opportunity to document this season of your life with your sweet daughters. Your love and care for them is so evident. The happiness you feel with them is reflecting off of them back to you as well. You did an amazing job coordinating all three of your outfits and definitely stunned me with both of their different looks!

Scarlet & Angelique: You two did such a great job! I know you made mommy proud! Thank you for listening so well and twirling around with me and even playing in the leaves with me! I hope you two had the BEST birthdays and many more adventures to come with mom!



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