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Wallkill Community Center in Scotchtown, NY - Viran & Shivani's Sangeet by Mayuri's Floral Design

I've been crossing my fingers for a while now that I would somehow be able to photograph an Indian event. I know very little about the culture. The colors and apparel were always so unique and fascinating to me. Well I was recently invited to photograph a Sangeet ceremony and I was so pumped! Here is a brief description that I found online about the ceremony; 'In a Sangeet Ceremony, families from both sides meet each other, sing, and dance along. This ceremony makes the family members from both the sides feel more comfortable.' ( )

I made sure to reach out to the bride Shivani about what I should wear. I didn't want to cause any offense. To my surprise, she said something colorful, and that she was wearing bright pink! Many photographers and other vendors wear dark colors, frequently black, while working at events. That would have been my "safe" choice, but boy, am I glad I asked! I could've looked like I was dressed for a funeral at a party that is meant to be fun and celebrate a soon-to-be married couple! I chose a peach colored maxi-dress and definitely felt more comfortable in that than I would've if I had shown up in all black.

The event design at the Sangeet was put together by Mayuri's Floral Design, another friendor (friend + vendor). That added a special touch on the evening for me. Everyone there danced and danced for hours. At the end, I was exhausted just from watching them! There's no way I could attempt such a task without and endless supply of Dunkin' Donuts at hand for me and all mah peeps. Take a look at our night!

They played a game of musical chairs and danced the night away. I learned that people throw money on each other either as a blessing or a compliment, how fun! I even had some thrown on me! I had so much fun and loved seeing a bit more into another culture. Congratulations Viran & Shivani!



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