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Slateford Creek Waterfall Couple's Session in Bangor, PA | Alaina & Joe

Their Session: Slateford Creek Waterfall in Bangor, PA

My husband suggested we try to visit a waterfall for one of our couple's sessions and Alaina and Joe were totally down for it! I know Alaina through the wedding industry as she is also a photographer! These newlyweds were seriously up for anything, including getting soaked in a waterfall. This was too good to be true, so FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS FOR THIS BEBE! What an adventurous session and a bit out of my comfort zone, but we had such an amazing time! I can’t wait to share some of my fav images from their session, but first, more about these two cuties!

How They Met: Alaina and Joe met while they were both working at a summer camp together. Alaina had been working there since she was 14 and Joe started working there long after. While they were both dating other people and didn’t talk much the first year, things changed the year after. Joe was single and Alaina and him grew closer as friends. She started questioning her current relationship and decided to end it. She called Joe the next day and they’ve been together ever since!

The Proposal: Their first date was at Kingsland Point Park in Sleepy Hollow, NY. They had tacos and Sangria from the Taco Project and enjoyed it all while watching the sunset together. CUTE, MUCH?! Alaina and Joe visit that location around the same time every year. Joe also proposed there! They had talked about engagement and marriage a lot so Alaina said she knew it was coming. She shared that Joe is very sentimental so she had a feeling he'd pop the question there! She said she kept checking his pockets for a ring box but didn’t see it. Turns out he had just hidden it really well! Alaina and Joe eloped at the park exactly two years after the proposal!!! Obsessed! They had their immediate families join them and said they had enough tacos to share with everyone! Too cute, like…??!!?!?!!

Their Love: Alaina loves how Joe pushes her outside of her comfort zone. She said she’s a really anxious person and he encourages her to just go for things and not think so much. She said Joe was completely on board when Alaina was thinking about leaving her job to pursue photography full-time! He is her adventure buddy!

She absolutely adores how selfless Joe is. She shared a story about how he ran out to get a new counselor a cake for her birthday at camp. He had everyone there (including the campers) sing happy birthday to her! Alaina said it was such a sweet gesture to a girl that was pretty much a stranger and it totally made her birthday!

Joe said he loves how mysterious Alaina is. While she disagrees, Joe said that he can’t explain what it is, but that it was always what drew him in. He also loves her eyes! He enjoys that they’re always active and doing something. Either being at the house and working on something together, or just being out and about, Alaina is always down to do something. He likes that they’re not lazy. Oof, don’t judge me as I’m sitting on my couch writing this! Stop judging!

A perfect date night would include trying new places to eat since they LOVE food! Alaina and Joe believe no distance is too far for a good meal! They’d prefer to spend their days together going on a hike, checking out a brewery on the way home, and then going out to a nice place for dinner. One of their fav places is Aquila Pizza in Little Falls, NJ!

Their Wedding: When I asked Alaina and Joe about what planning a wedding during covid was like, Alaina shared, “The majority of everything was planned before Covid since our original date was 6/27/20. Luckily, pretty much everything with our venue/vendors transferred over easily, but we were just really sad about the whole thing. We were already planning on a long engagement so if we had waited to get married, we would’ve been engaged for 3 years. It really is not easy to put one of the biggest days of your life on hold, so we didn’t!” These two cuties got married in one of their favorite spots in the world, where they had their first date and got engaged; Kingsland Point Park in Sleepy Hollow, NY! Alaina and Joe were so excited to elope with their immediate families. Although Alaina shared that everything that could’ve gone wrong did, it was still absolutely perfect! “It was some much needed joy during a dark time.”

Since they’ve tied the knot, Alaina and Joe have been insanely busy! They bought a house and have been working on it together. Joe is about to start grad school and they are both working non-stop. They’re deff looking forwards to some down time when they can manage it!

At their recent August 2021 wedding, they shared that their brother-in-law officiated and did an awesome job. Alaina and Joe had an amazing time at their reception and loved the DACING! While they do wish they could go back to that night, they enjoyed our session at Slateford Creek Waterfall in Bangor, PA as a little escape from the business.

Alaina & Joe: You two are seriously so freakin’ cool! You’re totally badass for being down to walk barefoot and get drenched in the waterfall! What an honor it was to photograph you two, and at such a gorgeous location! Thank you so much for picking that spot! My hubby and I had so much fun with you two and I will never forget it!



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