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Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle, NY - Couple's Shoot with Craig and Danika

I ran into a photography friend Craig recently! I had previously met him at a florist's open house. This time, we both came to the Greentree Country Club to take some behind-the-scenes images (the ones I shared in my last post!) He was there with his wife Danika and I thought they were just the cutest. I instantly had the idea to ask them if they would be interested in a shoot on the beach, since it was literally feet away from where we were.

Turns out, it was Danika's birthday! Double yes! Craig mentioned they might spend a little time on the beach after the behind-the-scenes shoot. Triple yes! As you can tell from this post, they were totally down for an impromptu shoot! They were both so well dressed and matched perfectly. It was almost like the three of us planned this!

What I love about Craig and Danika's love; Craig just highlights his wife all the time. He will share images and video clips of her on social media, saying his assistant for the day is so hot! I could tell from the way he looked at her that he just adores her and I can't get over it! Danika's hair is also amazing! I love how fun they are together and how they can just bounce their energy off of one another. They're down for a blast and it reminded me of my husband and I.

I am so, so freakin' excited that we got to do this shoot together and am in love with them and the images. Thank you guys again!!




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