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Garret Mountain Reservation in Clifton, NJ - Couples Photoshoot - Missy & Jonathan

I met up with Missy and Jonathan at the Garret Mountain Reservation for an anniversary session and I am seriously IN LOVE! They shared their story with me and it *melted* my heart. They met when they were only 11 years old! They developed into super close friends. They had their first kiss when they were 15 (cue romantic violins!). They have spent the years side by side enduring the ups and downs of life together. They are in it to win it and couldn't fathom life without each other! They joined hands in marriage in 2014 and will be celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary on June 14th!

Missy and Jonathan had recently lost their dog in an accident. One of Missy's friends made a sweet necklace for her to honor her dog. On the back of the pendant, she carved an image of the lake that Missy and Jonathan would walk her dog often. This is such a sweet gesture to show Missy that she is loved and her pup is not forgotten <3