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Verona Park Family Portrait Session | Steph, John, & Sebastian

Their Session: Verona Park, NJ

I met with Steph, John, and cute little Sebastian on a chilly fall day. Crunchy leaves beneath our feet and crisp breezy air that smelled like home. The trio came dressed to impress for their mini-session with coordinating outfits, and Sebastian even had on tiny suspenders! I can't wait to show you some sweet and tender goodness from our family session, but first, more about this beautiful family!

How They Met: Steph and John met through Instagram! They were following each other for over a year before he reached out. John commented often on Steph’s gym photographs or complimented her curly hair. She wasn’t interested in dating anyone at the time (although she did find John handsome!), so she thanked him and left it at that. One day, as if things felt different, he sent her a message and that started their friendship. Steph felt comfortable and definitely intrigued! They chatted for a few days until John asked to meet after work for happy hour. They met and had an amazing time together! John was so easy going and funny. Steph never felt bored and thought he was even more handsome in person! On the way home, she told her sisters how awesome the date was and that John was going to be her future husband. Like COME ON, HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

Their Engagement: John and Steph shared their desires about getting married and having children with each other. Once they got serious, they seemed to keep gravitating back towards the subject. They agreed what they wanted their future together to look like. They happily discovered Steph was pregnant and they decided to get married before the arrival of little Sebastian!

Their Love: Steph enjoys John’s sense of humor and how he takes care of the family. She loves that she gets to cuddle her better half every night (GIRL, SAME!). She said her opinion of John was rating him a 200, but after fatherhood, she now rates him at a 2,000! John loves Steph’s personality and her curly hair. He always thought she was the hardest working woman he’s ever met, but he’s amazed at watching her care for their son Sebastian!

John’s favorite thing about little Sebastian is how goofy he is! Steph’s favorite thing is his big beautiful eyes. He was dressed up like such a little gentleman and definitely didn’t like being by himself too much. He loves being held by mommy or daddy which was so precious and I was so glad I got to soak up some of that love in photographs!

What I enjoyed most about my session with Steph, John, and sweet little Sebastian was that it was a big deal for this family. Steph was facing some challenges she experienced becoming a new mother. Here’s what she had to say about it; “My husband and I wanted family pictures with our sweet boy, and I struggled with the thought of getting in front of a camera as I am still struggling to embrace the changes in my body after giving birth. I cringe looking at photos of myself and wish I could lose all the weight with the snap of a finger. Nothing in my closet fits like it used to, but I know this is temporary. I will not let this crush me. I’ve been slowly changing my mindset and my husband has been really good at reminding me of this. My lose skin, my stretch marks and all of the other things that changed from pregnancy and birth in my body are a reminder that I have created a miracle, my body was his home for nine months and how incredible it is to be capable to do such a magical thing. Why should I hate my body?

Normalize celebrating all that our bodies can do instead of making us feel pressured to look a certain way after having a baby.

Stop telling women to 'get their body back' after birth. It didn’t go anywhere, it didn’t disappear. Our bodies have just proven how capable and powerful they are. Never ever make a women feel any less because she may have some loose skin or a little belly. That skin, that belly - it created life. That body is incredible just the way it is and every time she looks down or looks at her baby it’s a simple reminder of what a BADASS she is.”

I love Steph's conviction and message! There is such an unnecessary social pressure on women to look and act certain ways, but especially on new momma's! Social media has such a big influence. It gives people access to share their voice. It's where most people highlight the best of the best and don't tend to share about their struggles. I love that Steph is being authentic and raw. I am so thankful for her relationship with John and that he is supporting her!

Steph and John: I LOVE that you did this family session together! It's paying respect to a new chapter in your life while highlighting how radiant the three of you are. You are all so beautiful together and individually!

Sebastian: Hey, little man, you did such a great job! I loved your two wittle teefs and your stylish suspenders! You definitely showed me up!



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