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Verona Park in Verona, NJ with Megan, Rosie, and Landon

I met Megan at my first Tuesdays Together meeting around Christmas time. I was so impressed with her ambition and initiative at such a young age. She worked full-time but was also blogging and photographing on the side. Not to mention she painted a beautiful peacock ornament during our crafting time! We connected and she ended up photographing my husband and I together. We had such a great time and I even learned some posing tips from her, despite the frigid winter weather. We love, love, loved the images she gave us!

Fast forward to the spring! Megan said she was planning to get a puppy and had the idea to do a photoshoot with her boyfriend and their new addition. Um, are you freaking kidding me?! I was drooling! We marked the date down in our calendars and I was eagerly counting down the days until we met. Meg shared pictures and video clips on social media and I just couldn't wait until I met the little fluff ball.

When I asked Megan to more about her relationship with Landon and how their new addition factors in, she had this to share; "Landon and I actually met working at Starbucks together and it'll be three years this upcoming October! We've lived together for a while now and I think we'd agree that it was one of the best decisions either of us has ever made. He's my dream roommate, my perfect teammate and he loves candles, wine, and cake just as much as I do. We're constantly working to make the other one laugh, and I feel like Rosie has only added to that.

We're big suckers for labs and we just absolutely fell in love with her white coat and personality. We're not planning on having children but wanted to have a family together, so Rosie seemed like the perfect fit for us. She's our literal daughter which is why we wanted to do this shoot- as something special to commemorate taking a big step together and emBARKing (hehehe) on a new adventure of having this lil baby together. Literally my dream family.

She's also technically my Emotional Support Animal for my Crohn's Disease and she has helped my health and stress so much already. "

I love her response so much! My husband and I have no heart for adding children to our family, and I hopelessly want to get a little doggo. I also adore that Meg is so open and unashamed to share about personal struggles that she endures and ultimately conquers. She is an inspiration and I am so, so proud to know her.

The day finally arrived and I met little Rosie (and Landon!). She is so adorable. She doesn't seem to like snuggles and has the bite of a shark; yikes! I'm hoping she will soften up over time for snuggle fests! I am so happy to share this shoot with y'all! Take a look at this super sweet session!

By the way, it seems like Rosie has sprouted to nearly twice the size as when I met her! Can't someone press pause so we can enjoy the miniature stage?!



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