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Verona Park, NJ Couples Session | Mariven & RJ

Their Session: RJ and Mariven joined me on a beautiful autumn day in Verona Park in Verona, NJ. Their outfits were ideal for the breezy air that fall has to offer. I loved watching these two laugh together during their mini-session. I can't wait to share their photos, but before I do that, here's more about their love story!

How They Met: When I asked Mariven how her path crossed with RJ, she responded with; “We’ve known each other pretty much all our lives because we met in Pre-k and our families went to the same church. We had a thing in 8th grade but moved onto high school and remained friends. During our senior year we went out on a casual hangout to the movies and something was just different that day. We ended up holding hands in the theater and the rest was history! Turned out he’s had feelings for me since Sophomore year and hesitated to say anything so it wouldn’t ruin our friendship. Everything fell into place when it was supposed to and I’m so glad it did!” HOW CUTE?! Growing up together is seriously what movies are made of!

Their Love: Mariven loves that RJ is so selfless. She said that he’ll always be there for his family and friends no matter what. She says that they had such a strong friendship because they were best friends in high school. Mariven always found herself wanting to be around him. They were always laughing and talked about anything and everything! She said she always feels so loved and safe, even on their worst days!

RJ loves that Mariven is able to read him. He said she has a way of reading his heart and knows what he needs before saying anything. He loves how compatible they are together. RJ’s favorite part of being with Mariven is that they can do nothing and sill have a great time! They love trying new restaurants together, drinking lots of bubble tea, and snuggling! Their perfect date night would be watching a really good movie and talking about it as they dine at their favorite restaurant.

Mariven & RJ: Thank you both so much for coming out and having a blast with me! Your session was sheer perfection and I hope it was a great excuse to get in some smooches, laughs, and dance moves!



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