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Verona Park, NJ Newborn Family Session | Jaimie & Darryl + Noah

Their Session: Jaimie and Darryl brought their precious little baby Noah to Verona Park in NJ for their mini family session one crisp autumn day. Their outfits were as well coordinated as their love is for one another. I created some of my favorite images with these three that I'm so excited to share with you, but first, more about their love story!

How They Met: Jaimie and Darryl met in college. She was a freshman, and he was a sophomore. Darryl loves that Jaimie is such a funny and kind person and says she is extremely easy to love! Jaimie said she felt like she could be the most authentic version of herself around Darryl. She could be as weird or as honest as possible and he would still love her unconditionally. She said he’s also the funniest person that she’s ever met. Jaimie loves Darryl’s dedication to his family. He loves that she is very talented at celebrity impersonations. Omgsh, I DEFINITELY need to see this!

The Proposal: I love the visionary way that Darryl proposed! Jaimie shared, “We've always wanted to visit Hawaii, so for Darryl's 26th birthday, we finally planned the trip. We had dinner plans on a beautiful beach in Maui, and wanted to take a few pictures together beforehand. Darryl asked a stranger to take our picture, and while I was finding a spot, he told the stranger that he'll be proposing and to take a video! I wish I could tell you what he said, but I blacked out the moment he began kneeling down!” What a lovely memory in one of the most beautiful locations!!!

Their Love: Jaimie told me her favorite part of being married; “I love that we will always be a team. We celebrate all of life's great moments together, but also get through the tough times knowing we have the person we love standing by us every step of the way.” Darryl's fav part of being married; “My favorite part is having a family that make the day-to-day extraordinary.” There's nothing like a strong team to go through life together!

Their Little One: Jaimie said that watching Darryl become a father has shown her the sweetest side of him. When I asked Darryl if his opinion of Jaimie has changed since she became a mother, he responded, “I didn’t think it was possible to love and respect and admire Jaimie any more than I already did, and then she gave birth and became a mom and that love, respect, and admiration has reached a whole new level.”

Jaimie and Darryl said that they love everything about their little baby Noah! “His sweet face, his sweet giggles, his scrunchy laughs, his inquisitiveness, his perfectly cute frowns, his double chin, his we can go on and on. He's our favorite person and brings so much joy to everyone around him! He's just growing up so fast :’)” They shared that welcoming Noah into their lives has taught them both to slow down. They feel like they realized that the most beautiful parts of life can be found in the simplest of places.

Jaimie & Darryl: I'm so glad that you decided to do some family photos with your new little treasure! You can never have enough pictures in life, especially when you have a growing bebe!

Baby Noah: Little one, you are loved so, SO much! I'm happy that you live in a digital age where you will have lots of proof in images from your family of how loved you will forever be throughout your life!



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